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Shield Program Initiatives


WPBPD SHIELD is an umbrella program for a series of current and future Police Department initiatives that pertain to private sector security and counter terrorism. This is a public private partnership based on information sharing.

WPBPD SHIELD is a central destination for private sector security managers to obtain information and engage Police Department resources.

WPBPD SHIELD also seeks information from our private sector partners to assist in our efforts to keep the City safe.



WPBPD SHIELD keeps our private sector partners informed of developing situations within the City and around the world, preparations for upcoming events and new intelligence and threat information.

WPBPD SHIELD addresses private sector business on both an industry-specific and a geographic basis. This enables the WPBPD to best serve the unique needs of each constituency.

WPBPD SHIELD consists of experienced and educated law enforcement officers and research specialists each of which, bring their unique abilities to the program. Our staff is eager to continue strengthening the bonds between the WPBPD and the private sector in the fight against terrorism.

Operating within the WPBPD Intelligence Bureau, WPBPD SHIELD represents the strength and success that can be achieved through unity and cooperation between public and private sectors. By establishing and fostering these relationships before possible criminal activity, the WPBPD and the private sector can work to prevent acts of terror and violence while strengthening our security mindset and posture. The support from both the WPBPD and the private sector since its inception  has allowed the SHIELD program to develop into the preeminent public/private partnership program it is today.

The WPBPD Shield program addresses private sector information needs for its members in a number of ways including:

  • WPBPD Shield website that includes weekly reports, videos and links to over 115 different sources (ex: DHS, FEMA, FBI, US-CERT, etc.), various downloadable publications, Around the World Newscast Videos

  • Real time event email alerts

  • Intelligence and Analysis Assessments and Bulletins

  • Shield Conferences

  • Professional liaisons through various security association meetings

  • Shield assists Emergency Management with the preparation of emergency preparedness, table top exercises, and live drills.

  • Anti-Crime based informational presentations



WPBPD SHIELD is a two-way street; the key to success is for information to flow in two directions. Private sector personnel are well situated to serve as eyes and ears of the WPBPD. We ask your assistance by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible to the local authorities as well as SHIELD

You will be expected to share your open source intelligence with Shield. This will assist in our efforts to disseminate important information to other members that could benefit from your intel.

In addition, we recognize that our private sector partners are uniquely qualified to assist WPBPD personnel during  deployments. Your personnel know your buildings, blocks and neighborhoods from a different perspective. You know what belongs and what is out of place. We urge you and your staff to speak with the police officers you see on the street, particularly those assigned to posts in the vicinity of sensitive and critical locations. Sharing your perspective can help us be more effective. 

Police Car Lights


 Connect West Palm Beach is an exciting new way to partner with The City of West Palm Beach to help improve public safety! 

Now you can connect your business with the City of West Palm Beach by sharing your public-facing security camera footage directly with the Real-Time Crime Center!


The Real-Time Crime Center is a state-of-the-art facility operating under the West Palm Beach Criminal Investigations Division.  that leverages technology to enhance public safety coordination, provide critical information to first responders in the field, and assist with investigations of criminal activity or other quality of life concerns such as severe weather-related hazards and potential street flooding.




Community Connect is a free, secure, and easy to use platform that allows you to share critical information about your household that will aid West Palm Beach First Responders when responding to your business or residence. By providing information about your business / household that you feel is important for us to know about at the time of an emergency, we can ensure you and everything you care about is protected to the best of our ability.

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