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TV Interview


QUESTION : Are there any costs to becoming a Shield member?
ANSWER: No, it is a free service provided by the West Palm Beach Police Department. As a member, privileges include unlimited and free access to all of our website resources as well as the ability to contact Shield personnel with specific information requests.

QUESTION: What are the requirements to become a member?
ANSWER: West Palm Beach  Shield members MUST:

  1. 1. Maintain an organizational/business email address (no personal emails); and
    2. Be employed, as either a:

    1. Federal, State, or local government representative or law enforcement agent tasked with counterterrorism, cybersecurity, or emergency preparedness duties.

    2. Private or public-sector security director, assistant security director, security manager (or equivalent) tasked with duties related to their organization’s security, emergency management, or business continuity.


QUESTION: How do I apply to become a member of the program? 
ANSWER: Complete and submit a West Palm Beach Shield Membership Form. Upon submission, you will receive a confirmation email request. Applications will not be reviewed until you have confirmed your email address.

QUESTION: How long is the application review process?
ANSWER: Applications will be reviewed in the order in which they are received. Each applicant and their organization are thoroughly vetted. This process can be time consuming and the time table for each application will vary.

QUESTION: How will I know if I am approved/rejected for the program?
ANSWER: After the vetting process, you will receive a “welcome” email if approved or an email explaining why the application was rejected. Often, this is due to an applicant not meeting the membership requirements.

QUESTION: What are the benefits for joining the Shield Program?
ANSWER: The benefits include:

  1. Regular email updates regarding matters related to counterterrorism. This includes domestic and international topics as such as cybersecurity alerts, active shooter incidents, major event briefs, and other noteworthy information.

  2. Open-source intelligence reports from both Law Enforcement as well as our private-sector partners.

  3. Access to vast resource library and research assistance from our staff upon request.

  4. Access to Shield meeting and conferences.


QUESTION: What is expected of me as a Shield member?
ANSWER: The West Palm Beach Shield Program is designed as a two-way information highway. Shield members, if able, are expected to:

  1. A. Share their best practices and expertise and in their respective fields/sectors.

  2. B. Share their open-source products with Shield personnel for distribution to both NYPD Shield members as well as the Global Shield Network partners.

  3. C. Contact Shield with any unusual incidents involving their organization.

  4. D. Provide information during ongoing incidents regarding their organizations.

QUESTION: I have recently changed employment and now work for another company. I would like to still be a member of West Palm Beach  Shield. What do I need to do?

ANSWER: If your new position meets the membership requirements, please visit the website and update your profile. Also, contact us directly at with your updated information.

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